Preparation for Work

Preparation for Work

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Working with Employers

We work with a range of employers to provide meaningful encounters between learners and potential employers. Encounters include:

  • mock interviews
  • employer talks
  • employer workshops and
  • work experience placements
  • insight days

Our Careers and Progression team also offers one to one career coaching and career conversations, as well as up to date information on the local labour market.   

Whatever your next steps and goals, you will be well informed to make the right choices for you. 

Preparation for Work courses and sessions

If you are looking for work, we have lots of face-to-face and online learning opportunities to help you prepare for and secure paid employment. Make an impact with employers and present your best self. 

Course or Workshop NameDescriptionDelivery and Duration
Make it Happen Focus Week This course is suitable for you if you are looking to secure paid employment but are lacking in confidence and your abilities after being out of work for a while. Join this course if you want to know more about your personal skills and strengths. You will focus on your future and develop a practical career plan which is right for you. This is a week-long intensive course of 10 sessions (25 guided learning hours) with opportunities to meet with employers.
Make It Happen WebinarsThese webinars will support you to move closer to the world of work. Looking at current trends in recruitment methods, creating stand out CVs, identifying strengths, and applying resilience in job searching will ensure you can present your best self to employers and make the impact you need to secure work or progress in work.
These 1 hour webinars will be delivered using Google Meets. You will be offered a follow up Careers Conversation.
Make It Happen Retrain: New DirectionsThis course is for you, if you are looking for a career transfer. If you have lost employment and are looking to quickly secure a role within a different career, we can help you to determine where your strengths, skills and mindset are well suited. The course covers a range of employability topics including – skills reframing, resilience and adaptability, interview techniques, recruiting sector information, interpersonal communication and job networking online.This 3-week online course is delivered through G Suite for Education. You will be expected to do suggested self-study activities alongside the live sessions. 27 Guided Learning Hours.
Make It Happen Impact DaysThis 2 day course is for those who are looking to build their confidence and resilience, and secure employment. You will also focus on applying a confident mindset and a professional attitude. You will have the opportunity to meet employers to prepare yourself for the workplace.
Over 2 days, you will learn more about getting work ready. Topics covered include recruitment processes and emotional intelligence. Available online and face to face.
Make It Happen CV SupportIn this session, you will be supported to tailor your CV to a current opportunity so that your CV is professional, relevant, personable and impactful.This 2.25 hour session is offered face to face and involves working at a computer to create or update a CV.
Sector Based Work Academy Programmes (SWAPs)We support Manchester residents who are looking to secure employment through pre-employment training as part of a Sector Based Work Academy Programme. Variable delivery and duration options depending on the vacancies being recruited for and employer preferences.


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