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Whether you want to learn how to use your device to do something specific or gain a qualification in digital skills, we have a free course that will meet your needs. Apply now to find out more.

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Why learn digital skills with MAES:

Easier access to
higher education

By learning new digital skills you’ll get the tools and qualifications you need to gain access to higher education, bringing you one step closure to achieving your career goals.

Take your career
to the next level

Feeling trapped at your current job level? Digital skills give you a competitive edge over your colleagues, helping you achieve your promotion goals faster.

Engage in digital conversations

If you find technology is a barrier in everyday life learning digital skills could help you. You’ll find it easier to communicate with friends, stay safe online, and create digital documents.

“I would say it changed my life. I went from being stuck at home and recently widowed, to getting a full-time job. Now I’m getting out and meeting people and also have more financial security. Try it as you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. I cannot thank everyone enough.”

– Jane, MAES digital skills graduate

Find a course local to you

MAES has 7 education centres spread across Manchester. With majority of our 2000 students living within 10 minutes of our centres, we’re confident we’ll be able to cater to your digital learning needs where you are.

Finance your education

If you claim benefits or have a low income we may be able to provide financial support to help you complete your course. This support can cover transport, childcare, technology or any fees associated with your course.

Find a digital skills course that suits your needs

Our free courses are designed to develop your digital skills for work and everyday life. Before you start your course our team of tutors will carefully access your current skills to ensure you join a course at the right level for you.


Course NameDescriptionInformation
Skill Up WorkshopIf you want to access services, learn how to use a particular device, search for information quickly, save money or improve your employment prospects, this workshop is for you. Whatever your motive, your needs will be built into your workshop sessions at a level which is right for you. Offered at our MAES centres and in community venues (North City Library in Harpurhey, Hulme Library, Gorton Library and Central Library)Up to 2.25 hours. You can attend up to 6 sessions.
Digital BeginnersThis is the course for you if you are starting out using devices and want to know the basics. This course will introduce you to different devices, develop your confidence and start you on your journey in using your digital skills and the internet more often.2 sessions a week over 6 weeks (face to face). 27 GLH.
Digital Essentials E3/L1This course is for you if you want to develop your digital skills for work and at home. You’ll learn how to use different devices for handling information, creating and editing, communicating, and transacting while remaining safe, secure and responsible online. You will be able to gain a qualification on this course.2 sessions a week over 12 weeks. 58.5 hours total qualification time. Gain a nationally recognised qualification at Entry 3 or Level 1. Exam assessment
Digital Nature (springtime only)Do you love being outdoors and want to develop your digital skills? You will learn how to use different apps for parks and nature including tree identification, bird song, foraging and navigation. You will create documents based on outdoor learning, practice taking photos and recordings on your device, and video calling. 2 sessions a week (same day) over 6 weeks. One session is delivered in a park and the follow up session in a classroom. 27 GLH.
Microsoft for WorkIf you are looking to develop your skills and knowledge in using Microsoft applications for work, then this course is for you. Learn to confidently use Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and File Management for the workplace. Become more efficient using 365 and Teams.2 sessions a week over 12 weeks (face to face). 58.5 GLH.
Level 2 Digital Office Essentials (Award and Certificate)Whether securing a new role or progressing in work, this course will enhance your awareness of digital office essentials, developing your practical IT skills and building your working knowledge of common software applications, including spreadsheets, word processing and presentations.Gain a nationally recognised qualification at award or certificate level in Digital and IT Skills (Gateway Qualifications)
Level 2 Digital Marketing (Award and Certificate)This course is ideal if you have your own small business and want to develop your digital skills to promote it online. You may also be considering a career in Digital Marketing. If you want to start a career in digital marketing, this course will give you the knowledge and skills required to take the next steps in this fast-growing and exciting field. Learn about presentation software, make a career plan and design a social media marketing proposal/campaign. Gain a nationally recognised qualification at award or certificate level in Digital and IT Skills (Gateway Qualifications)
Level 3 Digital MarketingNew for October 2023! This course will develop your skills, knowledge and competence to secure employment/progress in digital and creative industries. Learn about project management, digital marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing metrics and analytics, and content marketing on this Level 3 course. Gain a nationally recognised qualification at certificate level in Social Media for E-Commerce (Gateway Qualifications). 32 week course/6.75 hours per week.

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