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We have lots of different courses you might be interested in. To find out more about the range of courses we have on offer, look at our Courses pages. 

We offer courses in Maths, English, ESOL, Early Years and Education, Adult Social Care, Digital Skills and Preparation for Work

Do you know what type of course you’d like to do?

The quickest way to join a course is to complete a short online enquiry and assessment for the course you would like to join.

Links to enquiry forms for different types of courses are below.

First click on ‘create an account’ on the page that opens when you follow this link. If you have any difficulties completing the online form or have any questions, please contact us in office hours on 0161 219 6733.

After you have completed the online enquiry form, a tutor will ring you to talk through the best class for you to join. We will do this as soon as possible and within two weeks of receiving your enquiry. 

Not sure about which course to do or have more questions?

If you’re not sure about which course to do fill in this online enquiry form and a learner adviser will call you back.