The learning age – what is adult education?

The learning age – what is adult education?

In a world moving at such a fast pace, it can be easy to feel as though you’re somehow falling behind others. Luckily, advancements in technology and knowledge now mean resources for learning are abundant, and educating yourself and furthering your qualifications as an adult has never been easier. Why limit the pursuit of knowledge to your school years? Education and the pursuit of knowledge has never been so centric in all walks of life.

As we start to move on from a post-lockdown world, improving your personal skills and career qualifications is key for growth in both the job sector and your personal life. Over 1.2 million adults are already participants in funded higher education programs, part of a steady rise.
Wanting to learn quickly, or scared there just won’t be something right for you? Hundreds of courses are available to meet a variety of needs – based on existing educational level or time availability. There are also a variety of options for face-to-face or online courses.

Adult education is available in many forms, including vocational courses, apprenticeships or training programs, for whatever suits you best. Courses to help prepare for work, improve digital skills and computer literacy or improve your language skills are all readily available to help improve your learning. Finding a course that is right for you has never been easier, and access to thousands of resources to boost your personal skills and qualifications opens further doors and opportunities for you in the future – enrich your adult life further by joining in with the learning age.

The learning age is about more than employment. Adult learning is no longer limited to small, untailored courses to meet niche knowledge gaps as a hobby. New technology has meant new opportunities for every adult to learn more, both concerning how to use new tech as well as knowledge on how to build it, depending on what you’re looking to learn.

With the rapid expansion of higher education for those freshly leaving school in the last decade, it’s unsurprising if many adults are left feeling as though they’ve missed out on an opportunity – but learning doesn’t have to stop when you’re young, or have been ‘out of the game’ for a while. Join millions in it today, and explore how you can find education programs that best suit you.