English Courses for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

ESOL Courses

If you have any difficulties completing the online form or have any questions, please contact us in office hours on 0161 219 6733.

What You Will Learn

  • We have courses at all levels in ESOL for Work for learners who are actively seeking a job, and in Everyday English.
  • Improve your speaking, listening and writing skills in English.
  • Gain qualifications in English and maths.
  • Learn about life and work in England.
We also run Talk English courses and activities
  • Learn English in community venues near your home
  • Practise speaking and listening by getting involved in activities and clubs, supported by volunteers to help you practise

To find out which course is right for you, go to the ESOL Advice Service website and complete the online assessment.

ESOL Advice Service

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If you live in Manchester or Greater Manchester and want to learn English, the Manchester ESOL Advice Service is here to help you.

To find out which course is right for you, go to the ESOL Advice Service website and complete the online assessment so that one of our team can phone you.

Our ESOL Courses

Name of courseDescriptionCourse length
ESOL for WorkThis course will help you improve your English to get a job. Four classes per week daytime.Flexible
Everyday EnglishThis course will help you settle into the UK and use English in your everyday life. Two classes a week daytime or evening.Flexible