Maths Courses

Maths Courses

Improve your maths skills

Improve your maths with expert support to help you get a job, progress at work or go onto further training.

  • Individual support in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Courses at different levels from Entry to Level 2.
  • GCSE maths starting in September.
  • Gain nationally recognised qualifications.
  • Courses may be free.

We have Maths courses at all our Adult Learning Centres. 

Before you start a course we carefully assess your skills to make sure you join a course at the right level for you. 

How you will learn?

There are different ways you can learn.  We have online and centre based classes with independent learning at home.  Fill out an enquiry and assessment form and a tutor will contact you to discuss your options.  

Joining our courses

To join a course you will need to complete a short enquiry form and assessment. 

Here is the link to the enquiry and assessment form.

First click on ‘create an account’ on the page that opens when you follow this link. If you have any difficulties completing the online form or have any questions, please contact us in office hours on 0161 219 6733.

After you have completed the online enquiry form, a tutor will ring you to talk through the best class for you to join. We will do this as soon as possible and within two weeks of receiving your enquiry. 

Course nameDescriptionDuration
GCSE mathsAn intensive one-year course for people who are confident in their maths skills and need to gain this national qualification to go on to further studies or employment.9 months, starting September.
Maths skillsAvailable at five different levels. You’ll start at the right level for you and have the chance to gain nationally recognised Functional Maths qualification.Flexible, with the chance to take exams whenever you are ready.
Make It Happen Core SkillsThis course is suitable for you if you are:
•looking to develop your English, Maths and Digital Skills in order to secure employment and be effective in your new role
•preparing for selection processes including aptitude testing
•wanting to upskill to make a stronger impact with employers
•looking to secure a promotion and need to develop your skills
Available online. Sessions held over 2 days for a total of six weeks. You will work according to your level and your needs.