Community interpreting

Community Interpreting

Community Interpreting

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What You Will Learn

If you speak both English and another language, you may
be interested in our Community Interpreting courses. Through our courses you will:

  • Learn all the terminology and techniques involved in interpreting
  • Practise and improve your interpreting skills
  • Work towards a Level 2 nationally recognised qualification.

Following the Level 2 qualification with us, you will be able to undertake paid interpreting work, or move on to another provider to take a Level 3 Community Interpreting course or an IoLET’s Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI).

How you will learn

You will learn in small groups in one of our centres and do some independent learning at home to build a portfolio evidencing your knowledge, skills and experience.  

Start dates available throughout the year.

More information

Our Interpreting Courses

Course Name Description Duration
Community Interpreting
Stage 1
This course covers the basics of Community Interpreting, where it is needed, what ‘good practice’ means, and gives you the chance to practise.7 Weeks
Community Interpreting
Stage 2
This course gives more advanced interpreting practice, assesses your interpreting abilities, and can provide a qualification to help you gain employment.12 Weeks