Family learning

Family Learning

Family Learning

Supporting Families

Has your child missed a lot of their learning during lockdown?

Did you struggle to support your children with schoolwork?

Are you worried about your well-being? 

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Join our free online courses which will help you to support your child’s return to school.  The courses will also:

  • Give parents the tools to help children with their homework
  • Support your family’s wellbeing
  • Build your confidence – in the family and in your community
  • Provide a supportive network of other parents and carers
  • Support your children’s emotional needs  


This is what learners said about our courses:
‘I have gained a lot more ideas on activities that I can do at home with my children to support their learning’ Family Phonics learner

The online sessions have been really interesting. You can talk about your issue and hear what other people are also going through and share ideas’ Parenting 
The virtual meets have taken some of the stress and isolation away. They make me happy! Family Craft

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Learner Testimonies

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Check out our Family Learning courses starting after May half term

For details of all the courses available, please look further down this page.


Check out our online Workshops

Come along and join our free one-off online workshops.

Come along to a Parenting workshop!

Join one of our workshops where you will get some strategies around managing tantrums and helping your children listen without nagging, bribing and treats.

Our courses

Course Description Duration 

ESOL for Parents 


This course is for parents to learn about and support their children’s education, health and general development. They will practice reading, writing, speaking and listening skills for everyday family life situations. In September, there will be a mixture of online courses as well as courses delivered in the community. 


Family Phonics 


This course will help parents to develop their knowledge of English letters and sounds as well as gain confidence in supporting their children with phonics. 


Family Maths This course is for parents with children in Primary school who want to find fun and interesting ways to practice and enjoy maths with their children.6

Creative History 


This course helps parents and children to understand and enjoy historical topics through a mix of creative and fun activities. 


Family Science 


This course is designed to increase parents’ confidence and understanding in science delivered in Key stage 2. There will be a focus on practical experiments that can be replicated at home with children by using everyday household items and materials. 


Outdoor Adventurers 


This course will give you and your kids lots of ideas to get you all outside, trying fun nature, art and bushcraft activities together. 


Share a Story This course will help parents and children to feel happy and confident about sharing books together. Stories will be brought to life through fun activities and will be linked to the school curriculum. 


Family Art This course you will teach you fun art techniques so that you can develop your own creativity and help your children with their art homework. 


Family Wellbeing 



Find out how the 5 ways to wellbeing can help the whole family and learn about some simple activities to help you to relax, connect with each other and be more mindful. 


Confidence Building 


This course will help parents develop their own and their children’s self-esteem and confidence. 


Parenting This course will help parents to bring out the best in their children by supporting their emotional needs. 


Stress Management 

This course will help parents to manage their stress and anger in everyday life situations. 




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