ESOL Courses

ESOL Courses

What You Will Learn

We have courses at all levels in ESOL for Work for learners who are actively seeking a job, and in Everyday English.
  • Improve your speaking, listening and writing skills in English.
  • Gain qualifications in English and maths.
  • Learn about life and work in England.
If you are looking for an ESOL course, please call us on 0161 234 5684 to book an appointment for an assessment.

We run 10 ESOL Advice sessions per week across Manchester. If you are a Work Coach or a referral partner (e.g. DWP, Growth Company), please call 0161 234 5684 to book an ESOL assessment for your customers or to arrange a bespoke assessment session in your venue. Our staff will be happy to come out to your venue to see a group of learners, assess their level of English and recommend a course that will best meet their needs. For all enquiries go to the ESOL Advice Website.

Available ESOL Courses

Name of courseDescriptionCourse length
ESOL for WorkThis course will help you improve your English to get a job. Four classes per week daytime.Flexible
Everyday EnglishThis course will help you settle into the UK and use English in your everyday life. Two classes a week daytime or evening.Flexible
ESOL for Work IntensiveThis course will help you improve your English to get a job. Six classes per week daytime, including ICT skills and job-search skills.Flexible
Blended Learning ESOLFor people who are busy with work or family and can’t attend a regular class. Study in your own time at home and meet a teacher every two weeks for support.Flexible
ESOL for Personal DevelopmentLearn about ways to increase your self-confidence while practising your English.Flexible
ESOL Grammar classBuild your grammar knowledge and ability to use accurate written and spoken English.Flexible
ESOL Reading For PleasureEnjoy reading and discussing books, poems and news articles while practising your English.Flexible