Digital Skills

Digital Skills

Digital Skills

Personalised Digital Support

Whether you want to learn how to use your device to do something specific or gain a qualification in digital skills, we have a course that will meet your needs.  We offer:

  • Personalised learning in a friendly atmosphere
  • Courses to suit your starting points and motives
  • Develop your confidence, resilience and adaptability for everyday digital skills 

Before you start a course, we carefully assess your skills to make sure you join a course at the right level for you.


Join a course and get personalised support

These are digital portraits of the tutors and team membersTo join a course and get personalised support, you need to fill out this short form and assessment. 

We will ring you to talk about which class would be best for you to join.

If you have difficulties completing the online form or have any questions, contact us on 0161 219 6733. A digital skills tutor will phone you back to discuss your level, your needs and our courses.

Digital Skills Courses

We offer free courses for anyone with no or low digital skills to get an essential digital skills qualification.

Our accessible courses will support you to develop your digital skills for work and everyday life.  We will help you to learn how to use different devices and applications to:

  • communicate and share with others
  • manage your online activities
  • use online services and buy things securely online
  • create and edit documents and digital media
  • find, manage and store information
  • protect your privacy and data

We can also deliver bespoke provision so please get in touch to discuss your needs. 

* If you are a community venue and wish to increase your education activities, we can support your service users with digital skills for work, life, learning and health.

* If you are an employer and would like to arrange some digital skills ‘upskilling’ for your workforce, we can deliver essential digital skills development sessions and support with Microsoft applications for work.

* If you have volunteer Digital Skills Champions and would like some training for your volunteers, please get in touch regarding our Volunteer Digital Mentor Course.


Course NameDescriptionDuration
Skill Up WorkshopIf you want to access services, learn how to use a particular device, search for information quickly, save money or improve your employment prospects, this workshop is for you. Whatever your motive, your needs will be built into your workshop sessions at a level which is right for you. Up to 2.25 hours. You can attend up to 6 sessions.
Digital BeginnersThis is the course for you if you are starting out using devices and want to know the basics. This course will introduce you to different devices, develop your confidence and start you on your journey in using your digital skills and the internet more often.2 sessions a week over 6 weeks (face to face). 27 GLH.
Digital Next Steps Come to this short course if you are familiar with foundation level digital skills but want to build on your skills and develop your confidence before moving to the next level. 2 sessions a week over 6 weeks (face to face). 27 GLH.
Digital Essentials E3/L1This course is for you if you want to develop your digital skills for work and at home. You’ll learn how to use different devices for handling information, creating and editing, communicating, and transacting while remaining safe, secure and responsible online. You will be able to gain a qualification on this course.2 sessions a week over 12 weeks. Blended approach. 58.5 hours total qualification time.
Volunteer Digital Mentor CourseAre you a Digital Champion or planning to volunteer as a Digital Champion? This short course will support you in your volunteer role. Join this course to develop your skills, knowledge and approach to be a confident volunteer digital mentor.Online only. Sessions are once a week over 3 weeks totalling 4.5 hours.
Digital NatureDo you love being outdoors and want to develop your digital skills? You will learn how to use different apps for parks and nature including tree identification, bird song, foraging and navigation. You will create documents based on outdoor learning, practice taking photos and recordings on your device, and video calling. 2 sessions a week (same day) over 6 weeks. One session is delivered in a park and the follow up session in a classroom. 27 GLH.
Microsoft Applications for WorkIf you are looking to develop your skills and knowledge in using Microsoft applications for work, then this the short course is for you. Learn to confidently use Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and File Management for the workplace.2 sessions a week over 6 weeks (face to face). Workshop style to suit your areas for development. 27 GLH.
Social Media for Job ExploringIf you are unemployed or looking for a new opportunity, this short course will support you to develop your social media presence and how to use social media for the hidden and open job market.Online only. Sessions are once a week over 3 weeks totalling 4.5 hours.
Digital Skills for Self-employmentJoin this short course you are self-employed and would like to improve your digital skills for your business administration e.g spreadsheets, emails, invoices.Online only. Sessions are once a week over 3 weeks totalling 4.5 hours.
Digital HealthDelivered in partnership with GP practices and Manchester Health Care Commissioning, this short beginner course supports you to develop sufficient digital skills to access online digital health opportunities such as registering with a GP practice, booking appointments online, requesting repeat prescriptions. 2 sessions a week over 6 weeks (face to face). 27 GLH.
Digital for ESOLDelivered in partnership with ESOL Advice Service, this short course supports learners with low level English to develop digital skills for learning. 2 sessions a week over 4 weeks (face to face). 18 GLH.