Adult Social Care

Adult Social Care

Adult Social Care

Want to work in Adult Social Care?

You may be new to adult social care or you may already have experience of working in this sector and want to further develop your skills.  Whatever your situation, our tutors will help you to develop the knowledge and skills you need, as well as support you on your journey. 

We offer:

  • Personalised support from an experienced and friendly team
  • Nationally recognised qualifications
  • Blended/Online learning courses
  • Vocational placement opportunities
  • Careers support, advice and guidance
  • Support applying for jobs
  • Opportunities to improve your maths, English and digital skills

How you will learn

We are currently delivering courses online as our centres are closed. 

In September we are planning for a range of delivery models.  You will need to check the course information for further details.    Some of these will include:

  • Classroom delivery following social distancing guidelines
  • Independent online self study
  • Sector related work placement
  • Online courses

Don’t worry if this is a new way of learning for you – our tutors will explain how online learning works and support you to do this.

Joining Our Courses

To join a course, first fill out this short form and assessment. Then we will ring you to talk about which class would be best for you to join.

If you have difficulties completing the online form or have any questions, contact us on 0161 219 6733.

You may be new to working in Adult Social Care or you may already have experience of working in this sector and want to develop your skills.   Whatever your situation, our tutors will help you to develop the knowledge and skills you need, as well as support you on your journey.

Alongside your course, we will:

  • Help you find placement opportunities
  • Provide support and advice on the employment opportunities available to you
  • Help you apply for jobs
  • Support you to improve your maths, English and digital skills
  • Provide opportunities to add to your professional development with our online courses

*The course duration is highlighted below, this will involve a combination of classroom delivery, independent online self study and sector related work placement.

Register your interest in the ‘joining our courses’ section.

Course NameDescriptionDuration
Making Career Choices in Care and EducationNot sure exactly what area you want to work in? Find out more about working in childcare, health and social care, and support work in schools.15 Hours
Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care
(Level 1 Award)
Learn some basic skills you need to work in a care setting, and find out more about the different jobs in the sector.10 Weeks
Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care
(Level 2 Certificate)
Develop knowledge and skills for working with adults in this sector. You need to be working or undertaking work experience to complete this course.18 Weeks

Online, Flexible Professional Development Opportunities

Whether you are starting out or established in your career in Adult Social Care, we offer a range of flexible, online professional development opportunities.  These courses can be completed with the flexibility of learning whilst working and can be achieved sooner, depending on the pace of the learner.                     

Register your interest in the ‘joining our courses’ section.

Mental Health Awareness
(Level 1 Award)
(Level 2 Certificate)
Raise your awareness of mental health and the problems that can cause mental ill health.
5 Weeks
18 weeks
Behaviour that Challenges
(Level 2 Certificate)
Build your understanding of behaviour that challenges and its effects, as well as how to support positive behaviour.
12 Weeks
Safeguarding and Prevent
(Level 1 Award)
(Level 2 Certificate)
Increase your knowledge and awareness of the Prevent Duty and safeguarding, including online safety.
Level 2 develops deeper knowledge where they have a duty of care.

5 Weeks
12 Weeks
Supporting People with Learning Disabilities
(Level 2 Award)
Develop the understanding and skills you need to support people with learning disabilities.
12 Weeks
Mentoring Skills
(Level 2 Award)
Gain a deeper understanding of the role of a mentor and develop the skills you need to become an effective mentor.
12 Weeks
Principles of the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare Settings
(Level 2 Certificate)
Designed for those that work in, or would like to work in, the health care sector.
It will provide knowledge that may be applied to a wide range of job roles within health and social care settings.

12 Weeks