Make It Happen

Make It Happen

What is the right job for me? What skills and strengths do I have that will help me in my future career? How do I make a positive impression on an employer?

These are questions that you might be asking yourself and whilst you might not have all the answers, the good news is that we’re here to help you figure it out.

Make it Happen is our programme of employment focused courses and workshops. During which our Preparation for Work team will offer expert knowledge and personalised support to prepare you for the next stage in your career.

How our team can help you

We know that finding employment can be challenging so we’re here to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to succeed. We’re committed to helping individuals navigate what can be a very competitive job market and achieve your career goals.

What are the benefits?

Make It Happen courses and workshops

Below you’ll find more information on the specific courses and workshops that we offer as part of our Make It Happen programme.

Make It Happen Introductions offer our learners with the unique opportunity to connect and meet with local employers, further and higher education staff, and voluntary organisations.

These introductions can take place either at a Manchester Adult Education centre or off-site and allow you to learn more about job opportunities, gain insights into company cultures, and build valuable relationships with potential employers.

Our Make It Happen Focus Weeks are intensive pre-employment courses held over a week. You’ll learn more about your own personal skills and strengths and how these can be used to your advantage when job searching and applying for roles.

We also include employer encounters such as mock interviews, recruitment events and employer talks. By the end of the week, you’ll have a solid foundation to kickstart your job search with confidence.

Our Make It Happen Meet Ups are sessions designed specifically for current Manchester Adult Education learners. These are your opportunities to discuss specific topics with our Preparation for Work team members such as skills identification, career confidence, today’s recruitment processes, interview skills and CVs.

These two-day ‘Working in ….’ courses dive deeper into specific industries and provide you with industry-specific knowledge and skills. To date, we’ve focused on sectors such as the NHS, the Civil Service and retail and hospitality.

Through these sessions, you’ll gain an understanding of the industry, job roles, and key skills required for success.

In these one-to-one personal guidance interviews, you’ll receive free, impartial advice from our Careers and Progression advisors. They’ll help you to start thinking about your future and explore ideas and options that guide you to make informed educational, training and occupational decisions, widen and raise your aspirations, receive up to date, relevant local labour market information.

All Careers Conversations are conducted to MATRIX quality standards. We are also a member of the Career Development Institute (CDI), and we work to the CDI’s Code of Ethics.

We support Manchester residents who are looking to secure employment through pre-employment training as part of a Sector Based Work Academy Programme.

Group discussion around a table in a classroom

Are you an employer?

If you’re an employer who would like to work with our Preparation for Work team, please visit our Employer Partnerships web page to read more about how we can work together.

We have a proven record of providing pre-employment training on Sector Based Work Academy Programmes, have a Kickstart wrap around support offer and can provide bespoke courses for redundancy and employability support.