Top 5 ways to top up your income in 2022!

Top 5 ways to top up your income in 2022!

Many of us are wanting to find ways to keep on top of the rising living costs. Having to spend more and inflation not being supplemented with raising incomes, it’s a good idea to start looking at ways you can boost your income and have a little more money for saving or spending. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have published inflation rates in April 2022 with a figure of 9.4%, a 40-year record high, combined with the sky-rocketing cost of gas and electricity. Instead of spending your time thinking of ways to ferociously cut down your budget further, maybe now is the perfect time to start exploring ways you can cover those costs through other avenues you may not have ever considered before.

1. Online Surveys/Mystery Shopping

Companies are always searching for willing participants to help improve and provide feedback on their products/services or aid in the creation process of new developments. There are numerous agencies and websites that provide paid services, allowing for you to simply fill in questionnaires in return for money.

2. Earn on assets you already own

This can really be as simple as signing up on resale sites such as eBay, Vinted, Depop etc. and selling your unused clothing, furniture and various other items to make some money on things that would otherwise go to waste. Sustainable reselling is vastly improved to allow for you to sell with ease, many sites figuring out pricing and labeling of parcel postage for you, too. This can also include sites like AirBnB, making money on larger assets such as home spaces or rooms.

3. Use your skills – freelance!

A good way to start earning more is to play to your advantages. Many of us have untapped skills pushed to the sidelines when you could be incorporating them into your work week – and earning by doing something you love. Photography, art, web design and writing are all frequently requested freelance opportunities. Education and skills services can also help boost your qualifications and skills in your niche to boost your potential in earning through this.

4. Pet/Baby-sitting

Ideal if you have more spare time in the times you may not be working, babysitting, pet-sitting or even house-sitting are all avenues to earn some more money by the hour. Flexible hours are easier to come by, as they are entirely reliant on the family/people you would be working for.

5. Ask!

If in a job position currently – or on the hunt for a new job, always remember to ask your employer too! Many people remain complacent with their salary despite constantly rising living costs, and the current context of the employee’s job market. Negotiate your salary, and be surprised by many employers’ willingness to raise your salary. It’s only fair to be paid what your work is really worth, and it will certainly be more in 2022 than it may have been only a few years prior.

These methods may not all supplement a second income entirely, but can definitely help in boosting your finances and cash every month. It’s often worth exploiting the choices and chances you have for additional money regardless, to reduce some of the burden of increasingly harsh budgeting.