Kickstart a career in something you love

Kickstart a career in something you love

Now more than ever people are beginning to realise the importance of doing what you love in a career, yet still it is foregone when seeking, or settling, on a job. Work styles, career goals, fulfilment or sheer interest are all core fundamentals to consider when thinking about a job you love, not only to be more productive and successful but to also ensure your mental well-being stays unharmed by keeping up with workload, and so you can continue to do what you love and love what you do.

Being stuck in a job you dislike, or even simply have no interest in can lead to feeling stuck in a rut of sorts; spending every day running to a destination you have no real interest in reaching is only going to result in feeling burnt out, and leaving the majority of your week dedicated to simply trying to get through something. Or, you may be without a job and feeling as though you’re also in a rut but unable to start running entirely, no path or destination to follow or achieve and both easily leading to feeling down, or anxious about the future, as well as a variety of other negative impacts on your mental well-being. Increased staff turnover, burnout, chronic fatigue and a loss in productivity are all direct consequences of so many people across the UK neglecting their well-being – especially over their job.

To do a job successfully, and to feel that sense of fulfillment you might be chasing after in your job search or in life as a whole, focus on really finding what you love doing first. This isn’t just about all the ‘feel-good’ business boom you’ve heard before, but really improving your day to day again.

Whether that is through focusing on existing interests and how you can enter a field that really stimulates your brain, or discovering ways you prefer to work and hunting for more practical or analytical jobs, there are numerous ways you can begin to prioritise yourself and find a way to spend your weeks without wishing they were drawing to a close. You can discover new interests or work your way up to qualify yourself in existing areas you know you love using convenient adult learning courses, for example.

With so many resources at easy disposal, no matter your situation there will be a way for you to find the time to explore gaining a career in something you truly love, or even simply finding new hobbies to enjoy and make the most of more of your free time. Focus on yourself – and boost your mood, productivity and take back your work week, to be one you enjoy.