Improve your digital skills at home – Become a better candidate!

Improve your digital skills at home – Become a better candidate!

It seems like technology advances so quickly, you barely have time to grasp one system before they’re already updating to the next. Phone complications, computer illiteracy and lack of data protection are all things that can be avoided through improving your digital skills.

An estimated 22% of individuals in the UK do not have the digital skills for everyday life.

With little time on many people’s hands, dedicating time between children and work to focus on learning how to improve digitally may be an idea you would sweep under the rug, but with efficient and tailored courses as well as understanding the importance of improving your digital skills opens new doors for many. Five basic digital skills are often outlined as: managing information, communicating, transacting, problem solving and creating. You can improve your awareness across or specifically at any of these points easily at home.

Computer literacy has become an increasingly important and sought after skill in the job sector, with a projection that 75% of jobs will require some level of digital skills by 2030. ‘Baseline’ digital skills, such as knowledge of use of Microsoft Word, are now looked for by numerous employers and this demand will only continue to grow. You, today, can easily grow this knowledge based on your entry level awareness and where you’d like to get to, as well as your time needs, online. Further, more advanced digital knowledge is also an increasingly sought after.

You may be comfortably in a job, unaware as to why digital skills may be of use to you, or already wanting to learn more to protect yourself online, or simply to help your online communication skills. With seemingly everything going digital, especially things like Online Banking, people are scared of the vulnerability of being online and knowing little about where information goes or how it can be viewed – start to learn how to protect your information or teach your children how to safely use the internet by improving your own digital skills. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable by using the internet with very little awareness about how your information may be used – but don’t exclude yourself from the growing digital age.

You shouldn’t be afraid of technology, or what the digital age might mean for you. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help – you haven’t fallen behind and no-one is ‘too far gone’. So, want to know how to better use your computer, phone or tablet? Boost your literacy and confidence, and be able to feel secure and safe whilst online or when letting your children begin to act digitally; broaden your horizons for work and become a better candidate by easily improving your digital skills through a variety of online courses available to you today.