8 ideas to improve well-being in the workplace

8 ideas to improve well-being in the workplace

Employees and managers alike understand the importance of a healthy workplace and environment, yet seem to overlook key things that can be done to ensure this is upkept for everyone around. Here are some ideas of things to do to help improve your working environment and personal well-being whilst doing your job, either independently or to be recommended to higher personnel and implemented for everyone.

1. Focus on your surroundings!

A dull, dreary and same-y work environment will only lend itself to making your work feel the same way, and create a sense of dread and tiredness to be associated with your work. Whether it’s requesting investment into improving your entire workspace, or putting some thought into improving your own desk or space, this small step can really help boost your mood when at work.

2. Encourage work-life balance

Often brushed over, or listened to but not heard, maintaining a work-life balance is incredibly important. This can be further encouraged at work by making sure people take their full break time and utilise this to completely stop working; relax by using your break to do something entirely separate from work and what you may enjoy.

3. Manage workload

Well-being in your job cannot be maintained if you’re juggling too many tasks and unable to cope with your workload. Encouraging healthy work expectations amongst your colleagues, making use of delegation and being aware of your own limits are key in not overwhelming yourself with work beyond absolutely necessary.

4. Improve communication

This includes communication through any chain of command to ensure employees feel safe and comfortable to raise concerns, as well as amongst peers generally so you can feel surrounded by people you can talk to and laugh with.

5. Consider mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditative practices have found themselves more discussed recently and shouldne be overlooked. Whether it’s yoga, knitting, making a drink or food, going on short walk or just staying still for a while, honouring yourself with time to relax your brain when at work is key.

6. Think about your lights!

Similar to considering your workspace, the influence of light on your mood and well-being is very important. Sitting at a desk all day, with the majority of your light being from an illuminated monitor screen can only make you feel worse. Windows, lamps and adjusting your screens to light your space better are also very important.

7. Focus on positive reinforcement

Doing your job solely to avoid negative repercussions can lead to feelings of dread or procrastination of various other important things. Productivity and positive attitudes towards working hard can be improved by requesting an achievement-focused attitude from your employer.

8. Write to-do lists

Whilst seeming like another step in your day, having an organised schedule or planner is incredibly important and can remove a burden from your mind at work throughout your day. Planning out what you need to do can improve time management and productivity whilst also reducing your stress and alleviating the worries of feeling as though you’ve forgotten a task or are buried under a pile of work.
These are just a few core ideas to consider and implement at work regardless of what you do, to ensure you’re working as productively as you can and in a positive working environment you can enjoy being in. Reduce your stress, feel better and work better by focusing on your surroundings and expectations of both yourself and others.