The 10 best jobs for people with low qualifications

The 10 best jobs for people with low qualifications

Having less academic or vocational qualifications than those surrounding you, it can feel impossible to get a foot into the workplace in a fulfilling position to boost your career further and help give you the experience you need. On top of using adult education in your favour to improve qualifications, here are some roles that may be available to you despite a lower qualification level.

1. Taxi driver

Using your skills is most important in finding good work, and many forget the job opportunities that arise from having a driving licence. With online services booming, such as Uber and Bolt, entering this career is easier and more accessible than ever, and can additionally allow for working on your own time.

2. Delivery driver

Another way to make use of your car, online delivery services as well as larger Supermarket chains or wholesalers are often looking for delivery drivers. Hours are very flexible depending on the route you take choosing a position, and is again a great way to utilise the skills you may not know you already have.

3. Real estate agent

Many don’t know that this role can be obtained through internship/apprenticeship levels. You can get college level training through an internship with the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), or the Independent Network of Estate Agents (INEA). You can also contact individual agencies to apply for appropriate apprenticeships. This role may require GCSE level qualifications, however.

4. Digital marketing

Make use of your digital skills! With such a push forward into the digital world, many companies throughout every sector are trying to make best use of online marketing and advertising; this means there are a plethora of position vacancies in every sector for those with computer and social media literacy.

5. Catering service

If you have a passion for cooking or being with food, working in catering is a great and often unthought of option. This can be obtained either through an apprenticeship with an existing company to obtain all of the appropriate food safety qualifications, or a 1 year course to gain a Level 1 Diploma in Professional Cookery.

6. Dental hygienist

Becoming a dental assistant in the UK does require specific qualifications, however this is an online teachable course to get a licence, and this is all that is required to fulfil the role.

7. Fire Fighter

A fulfilling role, becoming a firefighter in the UK often requires having GCSE’s and potentially a driver’s licence too. The rest of the training for this position will be there to qualify you and equip you with the skills you need upon applying.

8. Customer service consultant

If looking for more of a hands-on, face-to-face career experience, this may be the option for you. Depending on where you have most interest or prior potential experience, there are numerous roles for you to be able to work speaking with people daily and offering help and advice, with many positions requiring very little qualifications.

9. Pharmacy Assistance

As explicitly outlined on the NHS website, to become a pharmacy assistant demands ‘no set entry requirements’. This position could allow for a foot into experience in the medical field and profession, and perfect for any with interest in working around medicine.

10. Support Worker

A very fulfilling role, many social working positions have training and continual learning on the job. Some may expect or prefer various qualifications linked to social care, counselling or those similar; many of these are accessible to be achieved online through the use of short courses

10 career choices, all accessible with a varying level of low qualification are listed above, to allow for you to feel as though you have a foot through the door; finally able to get some experience under your belt in a field you have true interest in. Everyone can start somewhere, so don’t let fear of low qualifications stop you.