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Feedback from learners who have completed courses with MAES.

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Workclub - Wieslaw


I came to the Work Club at Abraham Moss after relocating to Manchester from the south. Everyone was very welcoming and my tutor was very helpful, helping me to develop my CV, which was my initial reason for coming along, as I was looking for work. Before, my children had to use the computer for me to write my CV and apply for jobs – I couldn’t use it at all – but I learned how to do this myself at the Work Club. I also really enjoyed meeting my classmates. I hadn’t lived in Manchester very long and it helped me to feel more settled and happy here. I found the job I’ve got now and got support from my tutor with the application process and in preparing for the interview. I was really pleased to be successful as it’s a great job for me, working outside as a gardener for a housing association. Everything is better for me now – I work in a small team with contact with people and I can pay my bills! And I’m continuing on another course in the evenings now at Abraham Moss because learning is something we all need – you’ve got to keep learning!

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