Learner Stories

Feedback from learners who have completed courses with MAES.

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Childhood Studies – Hannah


I’d done some youth work before but wanted to get into work with younger children so I enrolled onto the Teaching Assistants Level 2 course at Abraham Moss.

 My tutor was really helpful and explained everything really clearly. She was very thorough about each topic and helped us with anything we needed help with. I also did a placement and it was really good to be able to discuss our placements with our tutor and how to make the most of the experience.

 The course taught me to be more reflective, thinking about the reasons for doing things in different ways when working with children and I have gained a lot of confidence through this. Since finishing the course I’ve started a homework club for primary children and their carers on our estate, which we managed to get some funding for, and which has been really successful. I’m also looking for part time work.

 The course has given me a really useful qualification for finding work and loads more confidence in working in schools and with younger children.

Entry link: Childhood Studies – Hannah

Community Interpreting – Nosheen


I sometimes do some interpreting for my family, and so when I heard about these courses from a friend I decided to enrol. I was nervous at first but the teacher was brilliant, very supportive and kind, and my classmates were nice too – I soon made new friends!

I did the stage 1 course then moved onto stage 2. I’ve learnt loads about interpreting, including how to take a professional approach and the importance of impartiality and confidentiality, as well as all the different types of interpreting. The courses have given me the confidence to register with a couple of agencies to get some paid work. I couldn’t have done that before because I wasn’t sure about how to deal with people I didn’t know and I was quite shy.

Why not try this course if you speak English and another language? It’s very informative and very good – I’d recommend it.

Entry link: Community Interpreting – Nosheen

Computer Course – Nicola



I started on a computer course at the Avenue, went on to do the next level and now I’m also a volunteer helping others get online.

My main motivation was to get out of the house – after 12 years of being a full time mum, with my youngest turning 2, I really wanted to get my life back and do something for me. We’ve got a computer at home and I already knew the basics but these courses helped me take this further including learning about file management, online safety, spreadsheets etc.

I’ve gained lots of confidence and it’s also helped me with things like timekeeping because I have to be there on time. I love helping others who are at the first stages of getting to grips with the internet and even just turning the computer on – I’ve met new people and it’s given me confidence.

It’s been great for my family too – the eldest is in high school and learning about Powerpoint just like me so we can discuss what we’re both learning. I’m moving on now to get my Maths level 2. I’d recommend anyone to find out what’s available – I’ve already got my friends and family coming along to find out about courses too!

Entry link: Computer Course – Nicola