Volunteering - Allicia


I joined the volunteer mentoring course and I’m now volunteering at a Work Club at a supported housing project, helping young people look for jobs. My tutor was really nice and the course was very interesting. If I was struggling with anything the tutor offered to meet me one to one to give extra help. I learned a lot on the course including how to use body language to improve communication skills. I learned how to approach people and work with people who might not be very confident themselves. I got lots of advice from my tutor on the best way forward to get the skills and experience I need to get work in this area. After doing the course and getting practical experience working with people I’ve got a much clearer idea about my career route. To anyone thinking about doing a volunteering course I’d say go for it because it will definitely give you new skills and help you get into work and it might well change your life!

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