Computer Course – Nicola



I started on a computer course at the Avenue, went on to do the next level and now I’m also a volunteer helping others get online.

My main motivation was to get out of the house – after 12 years of being a full time mum, with my youngest turning 2, I really wanted to get my life back and do something for me. We’ve got a computer at home and I already knew the basics but these courses helped me take this further including learning about file management, online safety, spreadsheets etc.

I’ve gained lots of confidence and it’s also helped me with things like timekeeping because I have to be there on time. I love helping others who are at the first stages of getting to grips with the internet and even just turning the computer on – I’ve met new people and it’s given me confidence.

It’s been great for my family too – the eldest is in high school and learning about Powerpoint just like me so we can discuss what we’re both learning. I’m moving on now to get my Maths level 2. I’d recommend anyone to find out what’s available – I’ve already got my friends and family coming along to find out about courses too!

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