Community Interpreting – Nosheen


I sometimes do some interpreting for my family, and so when I heard about these courses from a friend I decided to enrol. I was nervous at first but the teacher was brilliant, very supportive and kind, and my classmates were nice too – I soon made new friends!

I did the stage 1 course then moved onto stage 2. I’ve learnt loads about interpreting, including how to take a professional approach and the importance of impartiality and confidentiality, as well as all the different types of interpreting. The courses have given me the confidence to register with a couple of agencies to get some paid work. I couldn’t have done that before because I wasn’t sure about how to deal with people I didn’t know and I was quite shy.

Why not try this course if you speak English and another language? It’s very informative and very good – I’d recommend it.

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